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At Impact Public Affairs, our seasoned political consultants understand government and are keenly aware of the current administration’s motivations and constraints. As former senior political aides, our consultants have developed and maintained key relationships with the current government at both the executive and legislative branches. This enables Impact Public Affairs to initiate, manage and implement all aspects of our clients’ short and long-term government relations projects.



Impact served as the lead strategic communications support for Airbus in their campaign to replace Canada’s aging search and rescue airplanes. This program had been bogged by delays, restarts and shifting requirements for more than a decade until Impact led a campaign to 2017 victory.

Impact’s efforts positioned Airbus’ C295W as the proven, reliable and low-risk solution for Canada’s search and rescue needs, as well as one that provides substantial benefit to Canadian industry.

Impact built a detailed communications and advocacy plan that’s key elements included:

  • Ongoing media relations with traditional and trade journalists
  • Highlighting the C295’s international success
  • Highlighting the Canadian impact of C295 and Airbus through regional partner announcements and media tours
  • Coordinating communications activities and key tradeshows and conferences
  • Advertising and marketing strategic advice and coordination
  • Crisis communications
  • Organizing regional media events and announcements

Impact Public Affairs worked with Airbus Defence and Space to reposition its aircraft and corporate profile in Canada. The motto of the campaign was that Airbus offered a “Proven, reliable and low-risk solution” for Canada’s FWSAR aircraft. That meant highlighting the C295W’s position as market leader in its class, highlighting sales success around the world, reinforcing where the aircraft was already operating in similar conditions, and bringing an aircraft on a tour of Canada’s north to highlight its capabilities.

Impact Public Affairs worked to rebrand Airbus with publicity and media in Canada and built a message for Airbus as a reliable, leading solution.

In 2016-17 these efforts led Airbus to successfully win the contract with the Canadian government to build 16 new search and rescue planes. In addition, the contract included a support contract for up to 20 years. All told, this is worth some $5 billion dollars on the life of the contract. Airbus aircraft will be serving Canadians for decades to come.

Global Silicones Council

Hill Times Silicones

Impact played the lead advocacy and communications role for the Global Silicones Council engagement on Siloxanes in Canada. Industry goals were scientific decision-making at Health Canada and Environment Canada.

Required a multi-pronged approach:
Direct Advocacy
Media relations
Crisis communications
Grassroots engagement
MP education
Economic studies
US Embassy and the Department of Commerce

The Minister of the Environment called the first ever Board of Review under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
Board of Review exonerated D5 and Siloxanes
The global silicones industry is now leveraging the Canadian approach worldwide with regulators

Intellectual Property Institute of Canada

Hill Times- IPIC iPolitics-IPIC

Since 2014, the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) has worked with Impact on its advocacy efforts to bring government attention on the need to establish confidential communications between IP owners and their Canadian patent or trade-mark agents, something the association had been working on for over 10 years.

Impact launched an aggressive grassroots strategy over two years to engage IPIC’s membership to reach out to MPs and discuss how simple legislative changes could make a big difference to Canadian businesses and the economy. This GR focus also included:

  • A grassroots advocacy toolkit in French and English for all members with webinar
  • The creation of an issue specific microsite
  • A press conference on Parliament Hill
  • Numerous op-eds in publications widely read by government decision makers
  • Meeting coordination with MPs on the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, in addition to Industry ministerial staff and PMO

In the 2015 and 2016 Budget, IPIC had a massive victory in that it’s two principle asks, confidential communications and loss of rights, received significant attention. Both issues were also included in great depth in the Budget Implementation Act.  The issues are now championed by Minister Bains.

Impact President Huw Williams is the author of Government Relations for Canadian Associations: How to Be the Voice of Your Members with Government, published in 2010 by the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE). This new edition of CSAE’s popular monograph Guide to Government Relations for Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations has been substantially updated and expanded for today’s complex lobbying landscape in Canada.

The predominant viewpoint of this book is that a proactive and well thought-out government relations strategy best serves the needs of association members. It is a tactical guide for achieving association lobby goals—at all levels of Canadian government relations.

The book has received a positive response from The Hill Times, the go-to publication for government and public affairs information. To read the newspaper’s review of “How to Be the Voice of your Members with Government,” click here.

For further information or to obtain a copy of Williams’ book, please click here or contact Emily Reid at

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